Wednesday, May 31, 2017


My big boy 
as light as feathers 
as heavy as stone in my heart 
live forever 
love forever 
or as much as you possibly can
Sweet sweet boy 
sleep sound tonight 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Assignment that I am most proud of

The assignment that I am most proud of is probably the photos with quotes assignment because I put a lot of time into it and it was a really fun project to do. I likes studying the different artists that do photos with quotes and in a way copying their style in my own way. I am proud of this assignment mainly because I thought one of my final pieces cam out really well. I used a song quote along with a photo I really liked to create a cool vibe through the image. The quote I used directly correlated with the image and went well with the overall theme. I think this assignment was fun, creative, and challenging for students to master working with photoshop  or another application and think in an interesting way to create a final project. All the assignments I did this year were fun, challenging, and helped me build my skills in photography.

Most memorable experiences

My most memorable experience during my Photo 1 course this year was the process of creating levitation photography. It was one of the most infuriating, enlightening, and fun experiences I've had all year. Through taking the base pictures, thinking about my ideas, creating a scene that worked, learning how to use Photoshop, and getting a final image, I mastered a skill in the art that I would not have had the experience too outside of this class. Though it was very difficult to learn how to use Photoshop and the many different settings like burning, sizing, transitions, cutting, pasting, and much more, I had a ton of fun making my final picture. I think I will use the skills I learned later in my college career.

Another notable memory I have from this past year is creating pinhole photos from paint cans. It was really interesting to learn how to take a picture before the world had digital cameras and electronic cameras. I loved to learn how to use the darkroom to develop pictures. I think the mantra, "One minute thirty in the developer, one in the stop-bath, and 45 seconds in the developer (before you put it back in later)" will always be stuck in my head. Most of all, I enjoyed being in the sunshine taking these photos and fooling around with the different times, techniques, and positions to take the pictures in. Overall, it was a really fun learning experience that I was thankful to have the opportunity to do.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Shadow Photography

The Trees dances along her path
They were cool against the sun-warmed wood
A dark copy of their original form
She danced among their winding paths without struggle
Flashes of undimmed beams roll her eyes 
Until they remain 
Without their contrasting counterparts 
Out of the trees 
Only her own copy remains 
Leaning toward the path she just came 

Who am I

To understand the purposes and differences of selfies, portraits and self-portraits;
To look at the work of contemporary artists who create portraits and self-portraits and interpret and analyze their purposes;
To create a video that effectively communicates “who you are”;
To use imovie’s features in a creative and unique way.

Planning, Who am I?

There are many things that I love and I think describe me:

Art: I love to draw, doodle, sketch, paint, photograph, and whatever else I can try. I love to create something beautiful and it also helps occupy my busy mind.

My family + friends: I consider them pretty much the same. Including my dogs who are like family as well as my friends. They have made me who I am today.

Travel: I love to discover new p[lpaces, broaden my horizons, find new activities, try new foods, and just experience all that I can. I find it really interesting to see how the culture changes wherever I go.

Music: I have always loved music and though I could never play an instrument well myself, I love to listen to all genres of music with friends, alone, studying, or anything really.

Cindy Sherman & Brandon Stanton

Cindy Sherman:
Cindy Sherman is a photographer and film director who went to school in New York City. Her work is slightly controversial because of how obscene her work is. She does some photography mainly of herself representing different emotions and slightly provocative messages. Though her work is seen to many as slightly obscene and provocative, in the art community it is groundbreaking and unique. Mainly photographing herself in a multitude of different costumes lets her express herself she says. Her work focuses on dismantling stereotypes that group in media, photography, and a vast amount of other issues. Her work leads contemporary modern artist today and is seen as highly influential in the history of photography.

Brandon Stanton:

Brandon Stanton is a young Americal photographer that is best known for his work photographing the citizens of New York. His work is very influential in the art world making headlines for him such as the New York Times "30 under 30 people changing the world." He shoots thousands of random people of-of the sidewalks of New York. As wells as shooting them, he asks for their stories and captures their lives through his photography. These days the acceptance of everyone and the excitement over uniqueness, Brandon Stanton's work grew rapidly in popularity.